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Smart Choice Medical Billing Services LLC

Enhance your revenue with us

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Now Offering!
complimentary billing analysis of your practice to review your billing workflow

we've noticed that a lot of medical practices are interested in improving their overall billing workload and performance. 

We will act as your new Account Strategist here at Smart Choice mbs. We will be working alongside your practice managers to help your practice optimize your insurance billing.

You can think of us as your medical billing consultant – so if you have any questions about how to improve you insurance billing process, best practices for optimizing your billing workflow, or curious about our Revenue Cycle Management services (RCM) – please let us know, We're here to help!


Factors that has direct effect on your collections:

  1. Net Collection Rate

  2. Average Days in AR

  3. Collections Per Visit

  4. First Pass Resolution Rate (FPRR)

  5. Contractual Variance

  6. Denial Management

  7. Unbilled Claims Percentage

Our Services

We provide medical billing services for the entire revenue cycle for a variety of specialities. Our team of experts have more than 15 years of experience in medical billing serving in or out of network healthcare providers.

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Medical Checkup

Accurate data entry



Clean claims

Fewer denials

Maximize Revenue

Less Stress

Focus on Practicing Medicine

How It Works

Initial Consultation

We will sit down with you to go over your needs and concerns. We provide consultations on how to increase your profits and expand your business

Billing Process

Depending on client's preferences Smart Choice is able to receive patient information via fax, email, or personal pickups or drop offs. In the event that the client has electronic demographics and superbills, we will review and modify all claims entered to make sure claims are being billed correctly.

Usually payments are made directly to the provider by the insurance companies. Payments are normally made by electronic remittance advice. In some circumstances, paper EOBs are necessary, Smart Choice  requires a copy of the EOB in order to apply payments and adjustments and patient responsibilities. In order to credit the patient's account, Smart Choice requires a copy of the receipt and/or checks when private payments and co-pays are made to the physician.


Smart Choice is able to use the clients preferred web/server based software as long as the software is able to perform certain services required for billing, such as ERAs, and reports. We are also able to use our own billing management software. 

Why Choose Us

Unhappy with your revenue?

Tired of hiring, training, and retraining staff?

Have to deal with unqualified employees?

Expensive overhead and operating costs?

Lots of denials, rejections, and underpaid claims? 

Frustrated with negotiating with insurnace companies?

Smart Choice Medical Billing Services is here to make your lives easier! 

Contact us for a free consultation


Competitive Rates Available!

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